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Featuring a smorgasbord of leading names in Australian and international genre fiction across a spectacular line up of panels, workshops and special events, GenreCon is Queensland’s leading conference for genre writers. Find your tribe and join us as we celebrate all things Genre!

In 2021, GenreCon is going virtual for an action-packed day of amazing Live Streamed sessions.

Program of Events

Check back soon for the full GenreCon 2021 Schedule.

Welcome to GenreCon 2021

Miss us?  We’re back and we’re thriving at GenreCon 2021.

GenreCon is an Australia-wide celebration of all things genre writing. An initiative of Queensland Writers Centre, the conference represents our ongoing commitment to all forms of writing and all kinds of writers. At GenreCon, we know writers find their writing tribe – connections that started at earlier conferences have blossomed into friendships, and conversations that happened over lunches have transformed into projects. Queensland Writers Centre is proud to support and uplift our genre writers with a diverse, inclusive, and active conference like GenreCon.

GenreCon is the result of the dedicated Queensland Writers Centre team and a group of tireless and enthusiastic volunteers who have worked many hours to provide you with a conference to remember. We hope you will all join us in the spirit of GenreCon and experience something new.

And remember, GenreCon is created by us, but it belongs to all of you – the participants.

So, help us make this year’s GenreCon the best yet! Join the fun, learn, and celebrate with us, because Queensland Writers Centre is your writers centre. We urge you to stay in touch and keep your momentum going long after the costume disrobing is done.

GenreCon 2021 Tickets

  • All access pass to GenreCon 2021 events
  • Official welcome from our special guest host
  • Editing, marketing, and self-publishing talks
  • Industry-led sessions from our genre experts
  • Receive a mystery genre box filled with goodies!
  • All access pass to GenreCon 2021 events
  • Official welcome from our special guest host
  • Editing, marketing, and self-publishing talks
  • Industry-led sessions from our genre experts

GenreCon 2021 Presenters








    Connecting with potential audiences and readers makes GenreCon the best ticket I’m going to buy all year. I’ll do a craft workshop, listen to an international genre writer and I’ll dress up for the mystery dinner! But for me, this year’s GenreCon is about giving me access to readers and the public with a night market and book launch opportunities. Can’t wait!
    The one thing that’s definitely pencilled in on my writing calendar is the fabulous immersive genre focussed GenreCon run by QWC every two years. I know!! Two years!! (I start looking for the date at the beginning of the second year LOL). But worth the wait. It’s like a box of chocolates but only filled with your favourites – romance, crime, fantasy, sci-fi… It was easy not to want to go home- pitch sessions, workshops, writing techniques, publishing tips, the business of writing … how to write fight scenes for women (true – real session in 2017). Impossible not to meet someone you click with or maybe fangirl over. If you write genre and you live in Brisbane and you have to crawl over broken glass to get there – do it (they’ll have Band-Aids I’m sure). You’ll never make a better investment in your writing.
    At my first Genrecon, I was blown away by the quality of the presentations and the variety of panels. I learned so much that I wanted to give back and be a presenter so I could help other writers. Six years later, here I am, giving the Masterclass on writing Fight scenes for female characters, and participating in some great panels with some outstanding authors. Excited to be part of the 2019 Genrecon team.

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    • Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland
    • [email protected]
    • (07) 3842 9922
    • 10:00 - 16:00