Terms & Conditions



Queensland Writers Centre (ABN 91 291 647 516) is herein referred to as “QWC”
GenreCon is herein referred to as the “Event”


Event Sales and Entry


  1. Tickets to the event are sold by QWC have the following conditions that encompass: sale, entry and attendance at the Event.
  2. QWC may amend the program of the Event at any time without notice. Note: unavoidable program changes will be advised on site as early as practicable.
  3. While all speakers and tutors have confirmed their appearance at the Event, no responsibility can be accepted for any changed circumstances that are beyond the control of QWC or the Event committee.
  4. Only current financial members of QWC will be eligible for the discounted member price for the Event. This membership must remain up-to-date from the time of registration to the date of the Event. Members will need to provide a membership number to apply for the member discount.
  5. All attendees to the Event agree to comply with the GenreCon Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.
  6. Once purchased, Event tickets are not refundable or able to be exchanged. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.
  7. Participation in the Event, including entry to the Event site and the Event carpark, is at the attendee’s own risk. To the maximum extent of the law, the Event, its directors, employees, subcontractors, and agents shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering on the Event site to the extent allowed by law.
  8. With the exception of prepaid tables at the Event “Night Market” and the “Longest Book Launch”, no commercial activity may be conducted, and no written material or goods of any description handed out or otherwise distributed at the Event site without the express permission of QWC.
  9. Other than for private and/or non-commercial purposes, no photography or audio or video recordings may be taken at the Event and/or the Event site without the express permission of QWC.
  10. QWC may refuse admission to the Event site and eject any person from the Event site whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate or otherwise a threat to public safety.
  11. All attendees must bring their ticket for entry to the Event site and they must wear their Event pass at all times while on the Event site. If an attendee loses their badge, they are able to purchase a replacement pass at the registration desk.
  12. Event tickets are sold on the express condition that the holder is bound by the terms and conditions issued by the organiser.
  13. All attendees to the Event in the act of purchasing an Event ticket hereby agree to follow all reasonable directions from QWC and Event staff and to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Event, to the extent allowed by law.
  14. QWC reserves the right to examine and search all bags (including handbags), parcels and packages which are brought, or proposed to be brought, onto the Event site, and to effect, further security measures that are reasonably necessary to protect the Event site.
  15. All attendees to the Event consent to be included in audio and visual recordings, not limited to photos, videos, and sound recordings. These recordings may be used by the Event promoter and authorised representatives of QWC and the Event.
  16. The Event may amend or vary these terms and conditions at any time and that amendment will take effect from the time that the amended terms and conditions are placed on the Event website (genrecon.com.au).


Event Registration and Event Tickets/Tax Invoices


  1. The Event content is targeted to aspiring, emerging and established authors. Attendees are invited to study the program carefully before selecting preferences.
  2. Please take care when making bookings as changes to incorrectly submitted registrations will incur an administration fee of $50 per alteration.
  3. Please retain all electronic copies of your tax invoices. No other receipts/tax invoices will be issued. The emailed version of the Event tickets can be used as proof of purchase for the Event (and associated program sessions) and must be presented at the time of Event registration and also upon admission to specific events in the Event program, upon request. Failure to produce a valid Event ticket may result in refusal of entry to the Event, or to the specific Event program session in question.
  4. Note: All bookings for “Friday Workshop” and “Core Event” (as set out in the Event Program include morning/afternoon tea and lunch.
  5. For all associated Event ticket prices and event options, please visit the Event website (genrecon.com.au).


Privacy Principles


  1. Any data collected from the Event will be kept strictly in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Office of Australian Information Commissioner, Privacy Fact Sheet 17, Australian Privacy Principles, January 2014.