Megan Norris is a UK-trained award winning journalist and author with a 40 year career in national and international news.

Her career began in the news room of a large provincial newspaper in the British Midlands where she went on to specialise in court reporting and true crime features.

When the family emigrated to Australia in 1990, Megan set up a Melbourne-based court agency and embarked on a portfolio of high profile crime stories including the Melbourne Gangland Wars, the Port Arthur Shootings and the Bali Bombings. Her features have appeared around the world from National Inquirer and the UK Mail on Sunday to Australian Women’s Weekly, Sixty Minutes and Seven’s Sunday Night.

She has appeared as a crime commentator on Ten’s the Project, Sunday Night, Crimes that Shook Australia and is a regular guest on Mishel Laurie and Emily Webb’s Podcast, True Crime Australia. Her career in news and in crime has been extensively covered by online publication, Mama Mia.

Megan is the author of several true crime books including Look What You Made Me Do which won the Sister’s In Crime Davitt Award for best non-fiction in 2017. Her first book, Perfect Victim, co-written with the mother of murdered Melbourne dancer, Elizabeth Southall, is now a movie starring Sam Neill, Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto.

Now living on the Gold Coast with her husband and ten year old grandson, Megan is a regular speaker on true crime panels and continues to write for the Australian Women’s Weekly. She is currently penning her seventh book.