Prepare yourselves, a day of magic is coming!

This year’s magical hotspots are the Longest Book Launch and the Writers Night Markets.
Remember, no dragons are permitted during night or day!


Come to The Night Market but beware of the creatures lurking in the night. You might meet Count Dracula or Sherlock Holmes or perhaps Mark Darcy during the Book Launch.

GenreCon 2019 hosted by the Queensland Writers Centre welcomes you to an extraordinary journey at the State Library of Queensland. For more information and booking details call us on (07) 3842 9922.


  • Why would you come? Well, you’ll get an opportunity to read a chapter of your new book or its blurb in the spotlight and a Q & A from the audience.


  • What date and time is the Longest Book Launch? Friday 22 November  –  11.00am – 4.00pm


  • Who can be part of the day?  YOU! All writing related businesses are welcome to be part of this unique opportunity. Anyone form Book Cover Designers, Editors, Mentors,  Publishers, Illustrators, Graphic Novel Script writers, Writing and Social Media Apps,  Book Marketers, Indie Publishers, and many more things writing related.


  • What is different about the Night Market?  Here you can promote and sell your existing books to a new audience and have some nibbles while you’re at it! After all, even authors need to have food to have the energy to do their best!


  • What date and time is the Night Market? Friday 22 November  – 5.00pm – 9.00pm


  • What are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, come up and sign up for these magical events! Take a chance like Wendy and her siblings, who followed Peter Pan to Neverland.  To join this voyage, fill out the form before Romeo and Juliet do!
Longest Book Launch
Writers Night Marrket